Saturday, May 7, 2016

Here's my poem for Mother's Day: WHY I BELIEVE IN GOD: MY MOTHER'S UNDYING LOVE By James M. Becher
As we celebrate on this great day/ The wonder that is Mom;/ Did you ever stop to ask yourself/ From whence her love has come? /
I've never seen the red sea part/ Or gathered manna from above,/ Nor watched a dead man's life re-start/ But, I've known the miracle of a mother's undying love./
She gave me everything she had,/ And wished to give me more. / She gave herself to meet my needs / And never once got sore. /
She tried to teach to me the right / And lead me in His way;/ And prayed for me with heartfelt tears / The times I went astray. /
O' now I know my God is real./ Christ lives within my heart./ But it was my mother's faithful love / Which gave this faith it's start. /
So tell me that there is no God./ I'll ask you very plain:/ From what other source 'tis possible / My mother's dear love came?/
Let every day be Mother's day / And honor her with love;/ For surely she's a special gift / Sent down from God above./
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