Friday, March 5, 2010

The Greatest Love Song Ever Written by Cheri' C. Carlson

Everywhere we turn, we hear
Dedicated songs of love.
But, the greatest ever written
Comes from up above ...
The sweetest music and perfect beat.
But, it's lyrics you'll not always hear.
It's often in sights and feelings
You'll be reminded He is near ...
A stranger's smile on a dark day,
A hawk up soaring high,
A call of a friend in need,
A sunset that makes you sigh ...
A baby's laugh, a happy tear,
Holding an elderly hand,
Every blade of grass and raindrop fall,
The sky, the sea, the land ...
A soft breeze on a summer's day,
Freshly fallen snow,
The scent of rain on a dusty road,
Watching children grow ...
The music of a songbird
Putting her little ones to bed,
The warm safe arms of one you love,
The sun upon your head.
It all speaks of love so pure,
Unconditional in it's giving.
Yet, often, we don't hear His song ~
So busy in our living.
Imagine creating a love song
For the dear ones in your life
And never having it listened to;
No one took the time.
Take the time to hear His song.
Feel the love the He sings.
Revel in it's sincere beauty
and all the joy it brings.

Close your eyes and hear the sounds.
Open them and see the sights.
Spread your arms and accept His tune;
The world in a brighter light.
If you listen openly to His song,
You will never be alone.
For, it's played from the day He creates you
Until He comes to take you home.
Of all the love songs ever done,
Vowing eternal love,
The one you can always count on
Comes from up above.

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Freddie said...

Captivatingly exciting piece! I enjoyed your poetry blog.
Just love Motivational Poetry