Thursday, October 11, 2007


(copied from the "Inspiratinal Success Tips" blog [link above])
(The site is double-opt-in, so, what with spam filters, to insure that you receive the ezine, follow these 3 steps:)

1)PUT the return address:
in your address book or list of approved senders. (procedures may differ depending on your service provider)

2)SEND a blank e-mail to:

3)Wait for the validation email (from the first address, with subject like "Please validate you subscripton to Inspirational Success Tips"), open it and CLICK ONCE on the long validation link (starting with toward the middle of the email.
You'll see a page that says you have successfully subscribed. You'll receive a more detailed welcome note right away and the first issue in a day. Normal delivery is every 2 weeks.


Don't forget to add to your email white-list (address book or list of approved senders, etc.). This should actually be done first before you send the subsribe email to
ALSO: check your junk, bulk or spam folder.

If you don't receive the verification email, and don't have a whitelist, spam, junk, or bulk folder, then your email provider has probably deleted the verification email.
This is especially likely if you use AOL, Comcast or Excite. I've found these email providers to be especially poor in they way they handle spam-filtering.
You will need to get an email address from a reliable provider, if you want to subscribe to Inspirational Success Tips. I find that Yahoo mail works well.

Once you've got your Yahoo Mail account, join again using your new Yahoo email address.
(send a blank email from it to
Then look for the validation email (from"). If it's not in your in-box, check the Bulk mail folder.

If you still have problems, write me at
I'll try deleting you and adding you again which will send another validation email.

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